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Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Austin, Texas those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Facility

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At our Drug Treatment Facility we are dedicated in helping you or your loved ones. We feel very strongly about helping people overcome their drug or alcohol addictions in a safe, medically supervised and supportive environment. Our primary job is to help you get sober – and stay sober – restoring your hope in yourself and your future. We are different than all the other drug treatment centers. All in one location we offer a complete range of Alcohol Rehab/Detox and Drug Rehab/Detox services, to ensure your complete healing and recovery:

  • Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox
  • Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • A Treatment Center for Dual Diagnosis
  • PHP Program
  • IOP Program
  • Start The Healing

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is the capital of and the seat of Travis County. It is the fourth largest city and was the third fastest growing large city until 2006. has a population of 786,386 people. was settled in the 1830s on the banks of the Colorado River. is the headquarters of Whole Foods Market and Dell. is a diverse city with university professors, students, politicians, state employees, high-tech workers and blue collar and white collar residents. It is the home of the University of . is called “The Live Music Capital of the World” and one of the five fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Residents of have the highest internet usage rate in all of . It is also known as the Greenest City in America. The growth of has been affected by the drug trafficking into the state.

is a large state and shares its border with Mexico. This fact has made drug trafficking a huge problem for law enforcement and state government. The drug trade is big business and has been connected to the influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border. The passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) more than ten years ago has increased the amount of drug trafficking into the state. Rural, desolate areas in New Mexico and western have provided a haven for drug smugglers. Large amounts of drugs are seized at the border every day. Drug traffickers obtain warehouses in El Paso where they hide the drugs and the money from the drug sales. Drug traffickers often recruit mules to transport the drugs. Cocaine is available in large quantities . Most of the supply is made into crack cocaine and sold for high prices. The drug has unfortunately made its way into the schools . Heroin trafficking continues from Mexico and the medical consequences and overdose deaths continue to increase from heroin abuse. Methamphetamine is the most abused drug . Since ephedrine was banned , secret methamphetamine laboratories have become less common, but still present a health and safety hazard. Club drugs continue to be popular among high school and college students. As in every other state in the country, prescription drug addiction grows at an alarming rate . The state has experienced a severe shortage of physicians and this has forced physicians from outside the state to be permitted to write prescriptions for residents.

For Immediate Help Call
24 hours a day

For more information on state-funded treatment programs contact,
The Behavioral and Community Health Services, Department of State Health Services
1100 West 49th Street, Mail Code 2067,
, , 78756
(877) 966-3784.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Abilene 325-673-2711
Amarillo 806-373-4600
Arlington 817-261-8616
Beaumont 409-832-1107
Brownsville 956-544-8530
Corpus Christi 361-992-8911
Dallas 214-887-6699
El Paso 915-562-4081
Fort Worth 817-332-3533
Galveston 409-763-9276
Houston 713-686-6300
Huntsville 936-291-3376
Lubbock 806-762-8086
Midland 432-682-8162
Paris 903-785-1951
San Antonio 210-828-6235
Temple 254-770-4629
Waco 254-754-3336

Narcotics Anonymous

Abilene 325-691-9209
Amarillo 866-431-6262
Brazos Valley 979-822-9094
Brownwood 325-646-1903
Corpus Christi 361-992-2113
Dallas 972-699-9306
El Paso 915-566-6060
Houston 713-661-4200
Lubbock 806-470-9744
Texarkana 870-773-8470

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